Jarka Ruus (dallasbouchard) wrote in thecoffeehouse,
Jarka Ruus

My dilemma

The dilemma that faces me is: what has brought me back after a very long absence?

When I am alone, there's a pain inside of me, an emptiness that causes me physical pain. The feeling of needing to be loved - or even liked - but in reality, not being able to tolerate the presence of anyone in my life.

When I'm with her, all I can think of is 'how do I get this over with faster, so I can get home.'

I hate the world, and the games that it plays with me - and with you.

I guess my question is, "How can I regain my innocence? How can I get rid of the knowledge that all you want to do is fuck me over, just like everybody else? And be a part of your shitty world..."
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