Samone-B (angel_insecure) wrote in thecoffeehouse,

lets see ranting eh? this is my first post

hello everyone,
well it's 3 something in the morning and im an hrs drive away from my boyfriend...and i dont have a car. I can't believe it's only been two days it feels like i've been away longer. It's getting sad, im to dependent upon him, yet that's what im use to, being a person of dependence, now im not blaming my b/f cuz it's really about me in this problem it's not like he gave it to me.

the sad thing though is despite how i feel around him...away from his my mind starts to wonder, like i was joking around with a friend up this way that was visiting and i was reading on the bed when out of no where BOOM i get plummeted witha pillow and i look up and there he is grinning, now i've never liked him before in any way except an intresting person to get updates on. But out of the blue when i was looking at him i had the biggest urge to kiss him, i didn't cuz i want to stay faithful to my lovely boyfriend but still...isnt's THAT WRONG?????
i think it is but what i need an outside perspictive, any body care to help?
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