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man all im jus ripped rite now. got to my buddie b's place like at 9:45 to 10:00 pm tonite and my buddie kyle was already wait'n there. so he smoked a couple of doobies w/ me. then b came home and then tyler dropped by and kyle smoked another doobie w/ ty n me. then ty went to work and me n kyle went for a stoner journey to sevie *aka the slushie store :P* n came back. where we were jus kicked back out for what seemed like half an hour *well b said that it has only been 7 or 8 mins. but i dont trust him man he's evil* but ne ways while we were sitting there we smoked two more doobies and a phat bowl. man was i ever recked. :P. ~.~ fuck'n eh man. but yeah then ne ways i started to trip out on this computer. man this computer is slow and it is trippen me rite the fuck out. but yeah ne ways im not much for writing rite now so peace
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